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Dear business owner,

As you probably know, Social Media has become the #1 source people use to find local businesses….however, some businesses struggle to stay open due to low sales.

Many fall deeper into debt each month… while some close their doors for good.

But on the other hand… many businesses always seem to INCREASE sales and profits.

What makes all the difference? Why do some businesses become more and more profitable… while others go out of business?

Honestly… the businesses that are always successful and reaching higher levels of profits are keeping up with the NEW times and the latest marketing trends. For example…

Thousands of Local Customers Are Looking for Your Products or Services… But Can They Find You?

If not, there’s a good chance you don’t have a strong enough social media presence in order to be one of these “always successful” businesses.

Here’s why you MUST have a social media presence these days:

  • 97% of Internet users use social media to find local products or services
  • 90.4% of Millennials are active social media users (77.5% of Generation X, 48.2% of Baby Boomers)
  • 50% of consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products
  • Social media has become the #1 source for finding local businesses

The bottom line is… ANY successful, profitable business starts with finding the MOST prospective buyers… and then getting your products and services in front of them. And that’s where social media comes in these days and in these new times we’re in.

People ARE spending MORE and MORE of their time ONLINE… but many businesses aren’t trying to reach them on social media sites.


And guess where the prospects will go if they don’t see your business on social media?  That’s right… a lack of social media presence can drive customers to your competition.

That means you’re LOSING sales and money to your competition every single day.

Simply Because They’re on Social Media!

Depending on your business… you could be losing a few THOUSAND customers and thousands of dollars of lost revenue that’s going to THEM.

That’s why you NEED to be found on the biggest social media sites if you want to keep up with the competition these days.

Every day… THE most successful businesses are not only beating the competition… they’re exploding sales and revenues with less effort, time, and money… simply by using the right approach to be seen on social media.


Look, the days of advertising in phone books, newspapers, or business cards are gone. Your customers are no longer searching for businesses in phone books. They’re going less to Google.

The truth is, more people are spending MORE time on social media. And that’s why social media is how more customers will find you. People are checking Facebook to see what their friends posted. They’re checking Twitter to see what family or friends tweet. They’re using Google Hangouts to stay connected. It’s important your business has consistent social media posts so you’re found on the top sites.

If you’re able to get your business in front of these people… you could find customers who WANT and NEED what you sell. And it’s why you can exponentially grow your sales, revenues, and profits in these new times.

When you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram… people will call or visit when they see you.

Zanra Consulting Can Handle Social Media FOR You!

If you have a business that relies on leads and prospects… Zanra Consulting can help you turn social media leads into more sales and profits for you. While many businesses are struggling, losing customers and profits to competition because of NOT keeping up with the new times, our social media management service can help your business be seen on 4 of the top social media sites.  Want to chat?  Call me, (407) 900-7960

How Does It Work?

STEP 1:  Sign up, it takes around 2 minutes
STEP 2:  Tell us more about your business
STEP 3:  Let the posting begin…sit back and enjoy!

Once you’re seen on social media… you can attract new customers, INCREASE revenue, and be found ahead of competitors… all for a fraction of the cost!

Look, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in… if you want to succeed in the new times, you MUST have a social media presence so potential customers can find you.

If you don’t… it’s like you don’t even exist for some customers!  The sad truth is… MANY businesses are losing thousands of dollars each year from not using social media to get leads and customers.

We can help you avoid that mistake. No matter if you’re a doctor, lawyer, roofer… or a retail store or restaurant… we can get your business to the top of people’s minds. We do that by getting and keeping you at the top of their social media feeds!

Our social media service helps your business get found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter… allowing you to crush your competition and DOMINATE your market.

Get a Stampede of New Customers to Your Business

Almost 3 BILLION people use at least one of the Facebook family of services every month on average… so it can drive HUGE amounts of customers to your business.

In fact, you can dramatically increase sales, profits, and cash flow by posting daily updates, special offers, discounts, contests, surveys or coupons on Facebook and Twitter. When your business is social media-friendly and more people see your products and services… more customers come in and your sales and profits increase in the long run.


Our social media management service takes the task of doing social media out of your hands, and we take care of it all for you… making sure it’s done right. And by right, I mean we know what leads to better engagement and response on social media sites.

That way, you can drop what’s not working AND have your product, service, and brand reach more potential customers at the right time.

This means you build long-term customer relationships that generate more revenue with less effort, time, and money. And when you’re improving profits without spending any more time or effort… that could mean a BIG increase in ROI and cash flow!

We’ll also make sure you’re Facebook compliant, so you don’t get your account banned.

Those who don’t know Facebook’s guidelines often find themselves in trouble… to the point their account gets shut down. We make sure you’re always on their good side…

Don’t Let the Competition get Your Customers

When you use our social media management service… you can tap into our YEARS of marketing and social media expertise.

By using timely social media posts and making sure you’re seen on Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter… you’ll be in the forefront of prospects’ minds and far ahead of competition.

We’ll handle everything for you… providing your business with less expensive ads and a better ROI. We help you “forget” about the need to know about social media engagement as well as the need to do it all yourself. Let Zanra Consulting help you get a steady stream of customers to your business…

6 Benefits to Using Our Daily Social Media Posting Service:

When you use our social media management, you eliminate hours of effort. You make more sales with less work.

Let’s say you have a big sales event scheduled soon. We can do a Facebook post for that, Twitter tweets and Google Hangouts.

This means no missed chances to connect with prospects who may want to check out your event!

We can make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram postings reflect this big sale and special event… getting people interested in attending. Once you use our social media management to keep your business in front of prospects… you get more leads and prospects that will increase your sales and profits.

So let us handle social media for you. That way, you spend time doing the things you’re good at… projects you love to do… and things that grow your business.

You’ll increase your income, reduce the hours you work, and get the balance you want…

Which Can Make Life a LOT Easier!

You maximize your marketing budget because you’re getting new leads without having to do all the work yourself.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram… improving your social media can skyrocket your profits and ROI in less time and with no extra effort.

Maybe someone didn’t buy the first time, but if you keep your brand in front of them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus… more people will see your products and you have more chances to sell. Once you maximize your brand awareness and get in front of more people… you start making more money without more time or effort.

Start Today & See How We Can Boost Your Sales!

If you’re looking to boost sales, revenue, and profits… Zanra Consulting’s social media management service is what you need to take your business to the next level.

Whether it’s getting more traffic so you generate more sales or it’s getting your name, events, sales, and other specials in front of prospects… we help you increase profits.

After years of running businesses, working with clients, and spending thousands in testing our own social media marketing… we know what to focus on for the best return… dropping the non-profitable ones and avoiding costly mistakes.

In every business… Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram outperform other social media sites when it comes to increasing the sales, profits, and cash flow.

But let’s face it, many business owners aren’t the most savvy with these.

No Matter Your Business… Zanra Consulting Can Get You More Business and better branding

No matter what you sell… our social media management can help you get MORE cash-paying customers to your business.  Have doubts?  Drop me a line here and I’ll back to you quickly.

These extra leads coming by way of social media can increase profits. And when profits are high, you can spend even more money on marketing than the competition.

This is how you can beat the competition and dominate your market.

When you start using our service to get leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram… you can turn $1 into $2, $4, $6, or more, over and over… giving you a continuous, perpetual money-printing machine.

For some business owners, using social media can be confusing, too hard to learn, or time consuming. But now, you can use us to generate ongoing social media leads that can skyrocket sales, profits, and cash flow month after month… even if you have no experience. You don’t need to be a social media whiz or take the time out of your day.

No more doing Facebook posts or tweets yourself. No more repetitive tasks that increase your workload AND frustration! Not only will you eliminate hours of wasted time… we can help…

Give You an Unfair Advantage over Competition

Imagine getting thousands of people seeing a post about your business on Facebook!

Imagine having 1000 “retweets” of your Twitter tweet. Those 1,000 people can quickly refer 5,000 people! People who like the post or your business will tell others and the word of mouth spreads from person to person.

A good post can be shared by thousands and you can leverage that viral traffic to bring in profits and sales quickly! We can post daily on the big 4 social media sites, and create a “buzz” that spreads and soon… in front of thousands of people… with more leads visiting you and buying.

With our social media management service, we can help get…

  • People talking about your business on Facebook
  • People tweeting about your business.
  • People telling friends, family and others about your Instagram story

Social Media Creates Word of Mouth Traffic FOR You!

Imagine if someone with 10,000 Twitter followers loves your post or products and tweets a message about your business.

Or they post on Facebook and ask their 5,000 friends to check your business out… bringing a ton of potential sales and profits in the process!


And the cool thing is… social media traffic is inexpensive. Once one of our posts or Tweets spreads… it saves you tons of time, money, and frustration by no longer needing to spend money on paid advertising. That’s why many businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and money on social media.

All it takes is one strategically placed post to send floods of people your way.

You could get 1,000’s of visitors and tens of thousands of dollars in sales!

What is The Investment for Our Service?

If you’re among the majority of businesses NOT using social media… you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

In the long run… if you’re not posting the right way or often enough on the big 4 social media sites, it could cost you more in lost sales and profits than what you’d invest for our services.

Your business will be left in the dust if you don’t harness the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll fall behind businesses who are using it. It could make the difference between skyrocketing your business or becoming a victim of competition


For a reasonable investment, Zanra Consulting can run your social media so it generates more leads, conversions, sales, and profits.

When you’re set up so customers see you more… you make back your investment fast. Just think… even gaining just 1 or 2 new customers for most businesses will pay for the investment. After that, it’s all PROFIT without ANY extra work!

Even if you landed just ONE extra customer regularly… that could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of the year. That’s why you must look at this as an investment… because it can return MANY thousands of dollars.

We’ll save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars you’d spend on paid traffic as well as the frustration of trying to figure out social media. Your customers are already on social media… and your competition may be too. The question is… are you?

Let me ask you… if the only thing our service did was save you from wasting money on paid ad methods that don’t work, so you keep more money in your pocket… is that worth $2,500 a month?

If the only thing we did was get more customers to your business and make you twice the profits you’re making now… is it worth $2,000?  If the only thing this did was stop you from spending hours trying to get people on social media engaged in your business… how about $1,500?

Well, our service does every one of those and more! But I’m not going to ask you to pay $2,500, $2,000 or $1,500. In fact, it won’t even cost HALF that. Take advantage of this special offer now and you can enjoy our social media management for just $249 per month.


There’s no confusing learning curve to go through. You don’t have to spend the extra time away from your core business, trying to figure this stuff out. Let us handle it for you.

For One Low Monthly Fee, We’ll Handle Everything…

We do daily posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram… the big 4 social media platforms give you the most bang for your buck. And it’s this daily social media engagement that can bring you more likes, followers, shares, leading to leads, customers, and sales!


For the price of a Starbucks coffee… you can see for yourself how fast we can post daily on the big 4 social media platforms… getting more leads and thousands in extra profits.

Using our social media management service is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create sales without having to spend more time, work or money. If you could invest $8 a day to double, even triple the sales and profits of your business each month, wouldn’t you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while… doesn’t it make sense to skip the learning curve? Why start from scratch when you don’t have to?

It makes sense to use our social media management service to save you the time, effort, and aggravation. We can do the important things on social media that bring in more leads, customers, sales, and profits. If you’re the first to use them, not only will you get more new business and increase your sales, profits, and cash flow… you’ll cruise ahead of the competition.


We’ll Make This Easy For You…Here’s A Bonus For Getting Started Today!

Invest now and we’ll include a special bonus where we offer free account setup and business page setup on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Yes, that would include the nice banner with professional graphics that you see at the top of everyone else’s business pages, and you’ve wondered “How do they do that?”. Let us do it all for you free of charge! That way, you don’t need to KNOW how to use these platforms.

action-button So if you’re ready to get MORE customers or better branding by increasing social media engagement, click on the link to get started with Zanra Consulting, LLC. Why risk your time, effort, and money when we can help harness the true power of social media, so you multiply your customers and profits without needing to know about it or do the work yourself.

With us, you can enjoy peace of mind that.  You can sit back and enjoy more leads, customers, and revenue… because your social media all done for you! Join and we can help take your business to the next level by using what’s working right now to generate buzz and leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Getting your site noticed on social media can grow your sales and profits faster than any other method… while saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad costs! 

It can take weeks to gain traction on social media if you’re not sure what you’re doing. It can be confusing if you’ve never used it or time-consuming trying to figure it out. The best way to BEAT the competition is to have Zanra Consulting do social media for you.

Getting Social Media Buzz Boosts Sales and Profits

The truth is, INVESTING in YOUR BUSINESS using our service gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to getting social media buzz and beating your competition… without spending hours doing it yourself AND without spending money on trial and error.

We give you an edge over the competition because we know what needs to be done to leverage your efforts, scale your business on the big 4 social media sites. With our service, you can enjoy faster and easier traffic, profits, and cash flow without spending more time or effort trying to figure it out yourself.

So why not shortcut your way to better engagement, brand awareness and recognition in the market. Compete with businesses like your by ensuring prospects will see your business more often.

This can mean an increase in traffic without the additional time spent on SEO or money on PPC.

We’ll Help You Stay Ahead of Competitors

As you take competitors’ spots in prospects’ minds… you’re also enjoying the increase in traffic, customers, and sales!

Because of this, you have a better chance of can outselling your competitors without high outlays of marketing dollars.  While they spend money on paid ads or SEO… we’ll help you attract a stream of profitable customers by making sure you’re seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

By winning the exposure game…. you get traffic and sales, week after week… which helps you leap frog the competition. You can pull in more traffic, sales and profits every year just by having improved social media engagement and visibility… while you save thousands on ad costs.

That’s why this is an investment and not a cost. Getting better social media engagement with our service means MORE leads at a better price than paid advertising. Your revenue increases as you increase sales at a lower cost. If you’re ready to attract a steady stream of customers to your business, order now and you’ll see just how easy it is to start boosting your sales and profits!

Our social media promotion can skyrocket your traffic and turn more leads into profits in your business. So go ahead and click below to start using Zanra Consulting’s social media promotions to increase sales, profits, and cash flow.  Talk to me personally by reaching out to (407) 900-7960.



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